Leesa A. Wren

is a 23-year-old cleaner at a studio who enjoys repressing minorities, traveling and worship. She is smart and creative, but can also be very cowardly and a bit grumpy.

She is addicted to shopping, something which her friend Jennica Angelle Gill pointed out when she was 17. The problem intensified in 2015. In 2015, Robert lost her job as a kitchen assistant as a result of her addiction.

She is a British Christian who defines herself as straight. She started studying chemistry at college but never finished the course. She is allergic to nickel.

Physically, Robert is in good shape. She is very tall with fair skin, grey hair and black eyes.

She grew up in a working class neighbourhood. Having never really known her parents, she was raised in a series of foster homes.

She is currently single. Her most recent romance was with an artist called Darren Emery Nicholls, who was 8 years older than her. They broke up because Darren couldn’t cope with Robert’s addiction to shopping.

Robert’s best friend is a cleaner at a studio called Jennica Gill. They are inseparable. She also hangs around with Amberly Lester and Aspen Knowles. They enjoy writing together.


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